NEWS.COM.AU: Brothers’ ‘healthy’ fast food chain makes $7.5 million


Brothers Jackson and Jesse McGrath have spun their parent’s popular gourmet salad dressings into a fast food operation that is set to rake in $7.5 million this year.

The duo launched their healthy fast food chain Greenstreat back in 2018 and have stores in regional NSW and Victoria, as well as Brisbane, while they just opened their fourth location in Melbourne in December.

It all started 15 years ago when the McGrath’s parents were in the restaurant game and launched a range of gourmet salad dressings, glazings and condiments.

“It got quite a lot of traction in Albury where we grew up … and people just kept coming in to buy a container of salad dressing,” Mr Jackson told news.com.au.

It led to the brothers travelling to Brisbane to try out a few farmers’ markets and he said the reaction was “crazy”.

“The response we got from people who didn’t know the product was crazy – as soon as they tasted it they bought it,” he said.

They ended up travelling the east coast to sell their condiments at farmers’ markets but the brothers soon realised there was a bigger problem – that people didn’t have access to healthy food made quickly and there was no transparency on where their produce was coming from, Mr Jackson McGrath said.

Read More: https://www.news.com.au/finance/small-business/brothers-healthy-fast-food-chain-makes-75-million/news-story/23fe8bfb635e0d40a6df864b59c6757a

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