QSR: Healthy food chain Greenstreat to go big with 100 stores by 2027


Its founders are aiming to triple the business by next year.

Looking back on where they began, Greenstreat founders, Jackson and Jesse McGrath have always been adamant about connecting people to real food at a fast-food pace. That’s why the two are aiming to increase their stores to 100 by 2027.

The brand is currently thriving in three locations: Albury NSW, Wodonga VIC and Brisbane QLD. The opening in Richmond will be a first for Greenstreat in Melbourne.

In a quick interview with QSR Media, Jackson McGrath explained the origins of Greenstreat and how they are fighting to give more Australians a better and healthier choice when dining out.

Read More: https://qsrmedia.com.au/executive-insights/exclusive/healthy-food-chain-greenstreat-go-big-100-stores-2027

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